"A good time"

Katasi constructs nostalgic tableaus of intimate social moments using digital collage, placing beautiful people having a good time in the foreground of architecturally magnificent spaces. Her whimsical works give the viewer a sense of joy and coolness on the surface, with an undertone of reclaimed ownership of space and power.

As a first-generation Ugandan-Filipina American, this series puts a strong emphasis on Katasi’s constant rediscovery of and connection to her own blackness through Black American life and culture. Each piece is an intimate glimpse into Katasi’s memories and aspirational versions of herself and her life. The people displayed in each piece are intentionally chosen because she feels connected to them in some way. It could be their smile, their hair, their body language, or what they are doing. Oftentimes they elicit a feeling of familiarity, which naturally translates into moments she captures in each scene. It’s familiarity to each other and with the space they are in, making the moment created feel all too real, like an actual photograph.

Through this series, Katasi hopes to share the distinctive beauty that she has always seen and felt inside of herself, in her sisters, and in her brothers -- taking us all somewhere that is healing and uplifting.


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